Prophecy Post January 2011

For many who confess Me with their mouths will fall away into the abyss of worldliness. Their lives and the fruit of their lives will become increasing visible for all to see. For I am indeed cleaning out and cleaning up My House. For many who frequent My House only come in a ‘visitation’ mode, they have not given their loyalty to Me and My Kingdom. Their hearts are so far from Me , even though they say this and say that. The gravitation of the world has pulled them towards itself. I am indeed grieved with many of My leaders and their quality of leadership in My House; as they have been given the privilege and responsibility of rearing and raising up a people that is fit and ready for My return, which is by the way, imminent.

Man thinks and has thought and will continue to think that I the Lord God of heaven and earth winks at sin, trespasses, iniquities, and transgressions of My people. They have been ensnared by a Spirit of Deception that whispers to them, “ Do not anything, do not upset the people, they will be offended, and get offended if you try to correct, counsel, and confront them.”

This acceptance and prevailing attitude is prevalent in My House. Yes, I know that they have their reputations to protect, they have their status among the community, and people look to them for direction and help. I know all these things and a lot more also. But what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to Me.

Yes, they have their fancy buildings, and use My Name to build it. Yes, they can attract many people. But unless I build the house they will labor in vain.

My House must build the way I have blueprinted to be built. Your ways are not My ways, and your thoughts are not My thoughts. My House will be built, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail. But it will not be built according to any other building blueprint and code. For I have a code and blueprint from heaven, even from the very throne room.

This year will be a time of stretching and transition; not only for My House, but also the whole world.

The jackal shall come out of his hole and see daylight then he will see darkness. Wars and rumors of wars will once again be hot topics upon the lips of the world. Continuing threats will come from Iran, Syria, and many militant groups. They also think that I do not see, they think it is their God who rules and reigns.  There is no God besides Me, I sit upon the circle of the earth and I look down upon the sons of men, I do not slumber or sleep. World leaders will be embroiled in controversy about the Middle East. There will be massive upheaval in USA and Europe. Storms, ice, wind, rain, heat, many weird weather patterns shall unfold. I have given so many warnings to these people, but they still refuse to listen. I have spoken that My land is NOT to be divided. I gave the land to Abraham as an everlasting covenant, I personally ratified that covenant with My Shekinah Glory, so who is man or who is nation that would try to undo what has already been done. I have sworn by Myself. So they have set themselves and their countries onto a collision course with Me.

In the religious world, a prominent leader will be removed from his office. In the political world, three prominent leaders will be removed from their offices. Throughout all Europe, massive upheaval shall occur in all arena’s.

I must have a people prepared for Me. In Germany there will be political unrest connected to the Middle East, people will rise up against leadership. Many decisions will need to be made from the top Escalon’s of leadership. My Spirit will be poured out in a greater measure in Germany. The wind of My Spirit shall come, and blow out all that is not of Me.  In France My Spirit shall come with signs, wonders and miracles, and many people will come into My kingdom.  There will be a move of My Spirit amongst the Muslims, especially in Marseilles. In Austria, there will come a time of uncertainty and unrest in the middle of the year, but it will settle down. I will send My angels on new assignments to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

There will be a great exodus from the Catholic faith this year because of My Spirit touching the hearts and lives of people in a new way.

The Netherlands shall feel My wrath poured out upon her for her blatant sinful ways, afterwards I will pour out My Spirit upon her and she will turn her heart back to Me and My kingdom. I will sweep along the red light districts and clean it up, I will sweep into drug lords houses and dens and sweep them out.  Many shall be swept into My kingdom.

In Greece, political unrest will increase during this time, riots and riots shall be come part of the day and night. Economically, Greece will go through a very, very difficult year. I have a plan and purpose for that nation and it is not a plan of man. So I will do what I think has to be done to bring her to Me. I will deal with the mountain of sin in My House, I will deal with all those complacent, lazy leaders that are not compliant to Me and My ways. I will continue to remove those from My House that do not align themselves with Me. So be aware of this. Pray, pray pray. I will sweep once again down the corridors of the Greek government, sweeping away all obstructions to her destiny. Removal shall come swiftly of adulterers, perjurers and oppressors of the weak. The remnant of faithful leaders will be truly blessed this year, many gifts shall rain down upon them from heaven.

I will start a new thing for My House in this nation in 2011. I will start amongst the foreign Houses and then move into the Greek Houses. Do not be perplexed when you see and hear some of these things, I have told you beforehand.

Even amongst the Greek Orthodox House, their will be shaking, quaking, trembling, and in some instances, embarrassment. But it is I.

In Italy, political upheaval shall come on a larger scale. Mass mourning shall occur.

I will send the Fire of My Spirit to purge her this year.
On the African continent, massive upheavals in the natural, spiritual and political arenas.
Leaders will be put down and others raised up. Many uprisings and wars, even civil wars shall occur, but the end is not near yet. One political leader shall die and the nation will rejoice once again. My Spirit shall come like rain and bring a refreshing to the people and the land.
In Israel some decisive action will take place around July – August. This will cause distress among many people, but these decisions need to be made and implemented for her won security and safety at this time. There will be mourning in the land this year.

I will open the eyes of the blind leaders to see Me, I will visit some in their dreams. Technology shall come to a new level. Many new inventions shall be revealed through this nation. Water shall come into the Galilee region. The parched earth shall become green and bloom. Israel will see My hand of protection in a new light, they will have no other way to explain what I have done for them. There will be a sweeping of Arabs and Jews into My Kingdom this year in a greater capacity, for many are tired of the lifestyle of violence, and earnestly seek peace. I will meet them and they will meet Me.

I will continue to uncover hidden plots, plans, and agenda’s of Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, China. USA and Russia.  They form a conspiracy and confederacy against My land and My People, but they will not prosper. I do this for My Names Sake.

 So arise, put on your garments of praise and celebrate My goodness.