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We are including this page to show how you can setup your own Colonic board at home. Using all care!! Both with hygiene and implementation!!

Boards can be made by the home handyman or can be ordered through us. Please email for information, regarding pricing, production timeframes. (Detailed plan found below)

Following research on the internet there are a number of alternatives offered for a home Colonic setup.

Firstly you will require providing clean filtered water which is gravity fed to the colonic board. We use a common water filtration unit with a chemical and particle filter and an ultra violet light purifier. The unit is simply connected to a 20ltr drum mounted approx 1.8mtrs above the floor or higher, to provide a gradual feed of water, under slight pressure (no pump is required). The clean filtered water is then fed down through the tubing to irrigate the colon. An adjustable flow valve is located within easy reach to regulate the flow of water. All of the tubing and valves required were purchased at our local hardware store as they are commonly used in the garden watering systems.

On our home system we use disposable plastic bags to line the board and exit spillway into the toilet bowel. Hygiene is of utmost importance! Therefore the rectal tube has a once only use!

We are happy to answer any specific question that you may have.

However you should check with your health professional prior to any treatment.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the advice and techniques outlined in the pages of this website are accurate and safe, we cannot guarantee that all individuals can implement them in observance of the safety and health guidelines.

You may have existing health issues which limit your suitability to home colonics, so we strongly recommend that you seek advice from your medical practitioner. 


1) Acidophilus culture taken orally is helpful in detoxifying the bowel and in building friendly bacteria. Should be taken each time you have a colonic, along with Electrolytes, remembering that you are losing fluids during a colonic.

2) Fill your tank with filtered water. Recommended temperature for the solution is either 40° C or 100 to 102° F, slightly warmer than body temperature is comfortable. Place the thermometer inside the tank while monitoring the temperature. Due to the weight of a full pail, you may prefer to hang the tank, attached to wall studs.

3) Placement, lift the toilet seat to the up position. Place the board directly on toilet over the hole. 

4) Insert plastic bag to act as a sleeve, cut the bottom seal off a tall kitchen rubbish bag creating a sanitary disposable sleeve or shoot. Place the plastic bag down into the hole so the bottom rests in the water of the toilet bowl (this also eliminates cleanup inside the bowl). Fold the top portion of the plastic bag like a flap over the top of the backsplash shield to keep in place. This plastic bag also prevents the board from getting wet or soiled and virtually eliminates clean up hassle.

5) Inserting the tip ~ Using the single hole end of the rectal tip, push the tube through the plastic bag creating a snug hole, and through the splash back shield hole.

Attach hose to the open end of the tip on the other side of the splash back shield.

Now the rectal tube should be approximately 15cm long in front of the shield for ease of rectal insertion, at a comfortable position for insertion.

Do NOT insert the rectal tip more than 7cm into anus, because the distance between the anus and the bend in the bowel where the sigmoid flexure joins the rectum is only about 12cm in most persons and less in some.

Prior to lying down prime the tubing with the water solution by opening the ON/OFF clamp, to establish a good flow, removing air bubbles, then close the clamp. Lubricate the insertion rectal tip well, e.g.; KY jelly  

6) Lie down and relax, (don’t forget to play some relaxing music, make the most of being still, & relax). Also a ‘hot water bottle’  to lay on your stomach, helps with muscle relaxation, and a towel to cover your lower limbs, helps to keep you warm & snug.

 Lie on the board and position yourself on top of the plastic bag, and your bottom over the opening and as close to the backsplash shield as possible.  Insert the tip into the rectum (no more than 5/6cm), using a lubricant for comfort.

Valve-clamp may be opened and closed during the session to control the flow of solution. Don't expect all 20litres of solution to enter the colon at once; typically your colon fills with one quart or less at a time between evacuations.

Bowel irrigation is designed to allow the solution to flow in, to full capacity of your colon; you will feel this as abdominal pressure. When the colon feels full, massage your stomach, and evacuate. Then repeat until the solution reservoir is empty.

Important to note; in-flow and out-flow can happen simultaneously, you're in control of the flow. However, it is not necessary and you should not strain to hold the solution in. After evacuation, if you feel any strain from the pressure of holding the rectum closed and the solution in.

Massage the lower abdomen gently counterclockwise while solution is flowing in and clockwise when solution is flowing out to assist in the elimination of waste.

Rectal tubing can be purchased in Australia from:-

Warner & Webster

Phone 03 9534 8039 or

146 Chappel St

St Kilda, Victoria, Australia

We use a FG25 x 40cm which we cut down to suit—(approx15cm is long enough)

Internal Cleansing:- I’ve tried this one (the Lemon & Garlic) and am happy to pass it on, check it out for yourself and then make your decision. Anyway what can you loose? Except what shouldn’t be in your system anyway.

Garlic & Lemon—Great for cleansing of arteries; helps with memory.

Take 50ml each morning for 21 days, then 5 days off, then resume taking 50ml for a further 21 days. No more than twice a year.

5 large organic lemons— washed

30 cloves of garlic— divided & peeled

1 litre of purified or distilled water

Place whole lemons garlic & water in blender and whiz until smooth consistency.

Keep in the refrigerator.

Ever considered taking Cinnamon?

By taking a few grams of cinnamon a day could improve your Blood Pressure & your Cholesterol Levels.

I’ve tried and tested this one and am happy with the results. Why not do your own research and decide for yourself.

Colon board with rectal tube.

Colon board with rectal tube and plastic bag, bottom cut out.

Colon board with chair support
Filtration system & 20 Ltr storage. UV light top of filters.

Alternative position.

Alternative tank.

3 way connection on shower to provide warm water.